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"Almost" almost counts.

There are alot of "Almosts" in my life right now... mostly for the good.

* I am in the middle of almost relocating my job- just to a different pharmacy- but I think it will make all the difference.
* I am almost done knitting up my first sweater- I only have the sleeves to go- but unfortunately it is looking to be a tad too big- but no worries- if too big it'll go to my mom- if too small it'll go to Lil'sis.
* I am almost excited about going to las vegas with the family after thanksgiving- two weeks is still a long ways away- so maybe by next week I'll be super psyched?
* I am almost done with my vegetarian week. It's been really rough- since I am a huge meat eater- but I have lost 3 lbs in the process eating healthy- tofu, chick peas (hummus!), and pasta have been my staple foods.

OH- and my almost burgers are fab. LOVE THEM. vegan soy protein burgers- who thought that they really can be good?
AND so - I am almost perfectly happy. That has to count for something right?
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I'm available for hire...

After a very trying week at work- I have made a decision. I am going to try to find a job more Boochi-friendly. If I could be paid to knit for a living (eventhough I really am still a beginner) it would be the best thing ever.  Squeee!

But Alas- I am a pharmacist- in need of a new job. I'm really open for anything, Maybe a stint in a hospital or long term care facility? Too bad new jobs don't come wrapped in a neat box with a pink ribbon. I don't even think I would know how to write a resume anymore. Must think back to days of old when I was a poor college student with enthusiam to spare and a eagerness to go to interviews. Instead I am an overworked, on the brink of 30 and about to have a major breakdown if I don't get out of my current situation.

One thing that did make me happy this morning: The Mets lost- which means that there will be no more baseball watched in my house ( Did I say that I despise baseball?) Plus seeing the footage of Bush breaking off the pumpkin stem made me almost fall off my chair. Like duh- who does that?

Lots to do this weekend- yarn shopping with Missy, C&S's rehersal dinner, CE program at St. John's U, then korean fried chicken with some friends-so hopefully I'll be cheered up a bit. I get to see my lil'sis so I guess things can't be that bad.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Open your mouth- suffer the consequences.

It's not a secret that I've been unhappy at work for a while. It's also not just one thing- its a million things that have just built up after all these years.

I finally had the courage to say something to my superiors. And it created a huge problem that I really did not expect.

I have no idea what will happen- but pray for me will ya?
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Yarn Dislike

I didn't think I would every say this.. But there is a yarn I really dislike.
Why do I dislike it? Because it's too nubby and "sticky" feeling. It's not flowing when I knit with it and I just can't finish knitting up my feather and fan shawl because I dislike the yarn so much.

And I can't bring myself to just stop knitting the thing because I fought so hard to make it.

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Here is the problem- I actually never knitting anything lacey before- and I'm kinda proud of how it is turning out (minus the few mistakes hidden in there) And people who have seen it have told me that it's nice. But I dread  thinking about having the knit the rest of it although if I finish I know I'll be able to use it as a shawl or something. 

I am usually a quitter when it comes to things I don't like.. but .. but... I just want to finish the thing.
What would you do? Just scrap the thing and forget it never happened?
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Appalacian Hike

Today was a great day for a hike. So we head out to the appalacian trail in Warwick, NY for a group outing with Ramsey outdoors. Members of my motley crew- Lil'sis, Huzbie, J and Me.

We were out of the house at 8am but our stomachs got the best of us and we had to stop for some fast BK breakfast. We were ready after that to join the rest of the group. What beautiful weather!! I think it was just what I needed to get out of my recent slump at work. The air was fresh and clean. I had forgotten how much I like hiking!

Here is my motley crew goofing off on a bridge: (click on pictures for larger view)

The hike was not very hard but there were a couple of scrambles up some rocks to see some great views of the Hudson Valley and it's fall foliage. WE heard from the group leader that the entire hike stretches from Maine to Georgia and it would take about 6 months to finish end to end in the right weather conditions. Um.. I was just happy to do the small stretch we were on.

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Knitting is sanity...

These days the only think keeping me sane is my knitting. I don't have many photos at the moment due to sheer laziness but I do have a pick of my 2nd Booga bag. (The first went to a friend for her birthday) Booga bags are great for mindless knitting- plus you never know what color will come up next with Kureyon.

it's currently holding my feather and fan shawl that has been giving me a headache for weeks now. I just don't like the yarn... hopefully I can just get through it so that I can use the needle for wendy's somewhat cowl.
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Better Days

The past couple of weeks have been hard for me. Work has just gotten to me lately. And the more I was at work- the more I wanted to leave…. and never come back. I just kept repeating my mantra to myself- "Work is what I do.. not who I am." It’s something that I keep having to remind myself. Don’t take everything at work too seriously because it does not define who I am. But it’s just so hard feed myself such optimistic words when I am an eternal pessimist.

I usually don’t like the summer months- but I would give anything for it to be August again. For one thing me and my BFF had a trip away from it all in Windham, NY. It was just the two of us- and it’s been a long time since we spent some quiet time together.

This is a picture of us during one of our hikes. It was a total of 2 hours hiking, and hour and a half kayaking then another 2 1/2 hour hike. It was the most active weekend I’ve had in ages but I didn’t mind- it was fun!

It was so much easier when we were younger to find time for our friends but now that we are edging close to the age of 30, I find that we really have to make a conscious effort. I haven’t seen ChuChu** in about a month and darn it- I miss her! Which brings me back to the fact that work has been draining me and taking me away from those I love most.

Well at least I have my Huzbie** and my Lil’sis**. I don’t really see them too often either. (Ok I know.. I live with Huzbie- but he is often buried in work or studying for his exam- so eventhough he’s here, he’s not really here) I think it’s time to gather everyone together for some quality time. Because everyone knows that work isn’t going to get easier.


** Um.. yeah. obviously these aren’t their real names. duh.